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Take a moment to ponder this: What would happen to your company if a competitor started to use your content as its own? What if they started to carry a product that is identical to one your own company created? Would your business be able to carry on?

It’s not a very enjoyable thing to consider. Creative content you produce belongs to you and you alone, and are likely what keep customers coming into your door. What would you do without those unique selling points? At Incubate IP, we offer the services you need to stay protected against such scenarios – before they even happen.

The best way to protect your creations and innovations is by using effective enforcement of IP law – otherwise known as intellectual property law. Many small business owners are under the impression that this sort of protection is only necessary for powerful corporations. They make the mistake of thinking it isn’t worth their time or money to pursue. However, the truth is that small businesses often cannot afford to ignore these precautions.

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At Incubate IP, we take your intellectual property just as seriously as you do. We can help you to keep it safe in a number of ways. Our copyright attorneys apply years of experienced to make informed decisions that keep you and your ideas safe with proper implementation of copyright law – or whatever intellectual property law applies to your particular needs.

Copyright laws are intended to protect the creative works of authors and artists in particular – while other sets of laws protect different professionals and their ideas. Copyright law specifically protects the ideas of artists, such as photographs, written text, paintings, designs, musical compositions, recordings and more.

If you would consider yourself one of the following, then you should call us to find out how affordable and essential copyright protection is for you:

  • Professional photographer
  • Professional writer
  • Professional musician
  • Professional composer
  • Professional choreographer
  • Fashion designer
  • Other visual artists

How it Works

You can establish a copyright on your work upon creating it. For example, when a photographer snaps an image, they immediately hold the copyright of their photograph. The only exception to this is if the image was snapped on behalf of an employer, with the image being part of the photographer’s duties of their job, or the image was commissioned for use elsewhere. In such situations, the copyright will be granted to the individual who commissioned the work or the photographer’s employer.

With the advent of the internet, copyright and licensing violations have risen substantially. Music, videos, and images are all commonly shared without regard for their copyright and who owns them. For this reason, it is increasingly important for artists to seek out help from Incubate IP for assistance protecting all work related to copyright law.

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Your intellectual property is important – don’t allow it to become just another idea that is common and illegally shared, on the internet or elsewhere, without giving you credit for your creation.

At Incubate IP, we can help you understand your rights as an artist and keep your creations safe. Get in touch with us today, so we can answer any questions you might have. We’ll help you pursue the best way to keep your work safe and under your control.

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