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There are a lot of reasons to hire a licensing attorney. If you are a patent, trademark, or copyright owner and someone is looking to use your protected work, then this scenario might call for the services of a licensing attorney. The right licensing attorney can help to create a legal framework that protects your ownership of the copyright, trademark, or patent. Our intellectual property licensing lawyers help to develop licensing agreements that can be used by individuals or businesses with protected original work.

With the licensing services we provide at Incubate IP, you can ensure that you are maximizing the revenue you gain when you license out these creations and ideas. On the flip side, our attorneys can help you you obtain licenses from other patent, trademark and copyright owners to avoid infringement claims.

At Incubate IP, we believe that your intellectual creations are invaluable and should be protected as such. If you’re planning on licensing your original work, make sure that you are protected, in control of the situation, and not getting shortchanged.

This can be difficult to do all on your own – fortunately, at Incubate IP, we are here to help.

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Why You Need a Licensing Attorney

Just because you own the rights to your intellectual property doesn’t mean nobody else should use it – with your permission, of course. Sometimes,it benefits both you and the user of your work. However, it’s essential to make sure you and your work are protected before making any sort of agreement. A licensing attorney with an acute understanding of intellectual property law can make sure the whole process goes smoothly and works to your benefit.

Our skilled licensing attorneys can write contracts that protect your rights to your intellectual property. Such agreements specify how your property might be used and what you will be paid for its use. It sets limits on how long it can be used, what situations and places it can be used in, and more – all in the interest of making sure you maintain adequate control over your work. With our skilled licensing attorneys, you can trust that they know the proper language to use and close any loopholes in the way that most securely protects your intellectual property and dictates how it will be used.

“Am I getting the most out of this bargain?”

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We understand when it comes to allowing someone else to use your intellectual property, a lot of worries and questions inevitably arise.

“How can I know they’ll use my property in a way I am comfortable with?”

“How often and in what situations will they be able to use my property?”

“Do I still adequate control of my creation?”

At Incubate IP, we make sure the answers to these questions are whatever you want them to be! In creating the agreements that surround your licensing activities, we can make sure that your intellectual property remains yours and under your protection, with only the desired portions rented out to the people and companies you choose. We do our due diligence and ensure that you get adequate compensation landing in your pocket as a result.

Don’t leave the fate of your original creations to chance. Make sure you hire an attorney you can trust from Incubate IP to set yourself and your licensing agreement up for success!

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